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Allowing reports to be downloaded in idvidual lessons

PostPosted: Wed Feb 23, 2011 12:01 am
by ianrj
Quiz Builder is not able to produce reports from a squence of idividual lesson created L1, L2 ... When you request results from the Tanida server, it downloads only the results for the first created *.pqb. If you open the second pqb (lesson 2) you don't get any results. If the *.pqb filename is lesson 2 for example, you will see the results in the first *.pqb (lesson 1) that was created. However, you are not able to see the test questions that are wrong or wright. It seems as if it the application at this point in its revision is only capable of printing for one complete lesson.

Quiz Builder's report section needs to be able to filter quizzes based on the lesson or title that you give it and also allow you to see the reports for all quizzes.