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Add FLV or SWF file to Intro page?

PostPosted: Thu Jan 27, 2011 5:53 am
by Robert
I've noticed that while I'm able to add flv files to individual slides (which opens the option to add virtually any video file after it's been converted in another program) I cannot add them to the opening/intro page. This seems puzzling; why to all other slides except for the first? Being able to add a recorded video-greeting would be extremely useful, and QB clearly has this capacity already built-in...

Also, a touch more control over the formatting of the text - BOTH on the first page AND on all subsequent slides - would make QB a heckuva lot more versatile. Just a handful of more options would do, such as a) typesetting (i.e. left/right/centre) and b) the ability to either insert text boxes, or at least c) to have more than one (individually controllable) box for text available on the intro page.

Finally, and in the same line of thought: control over the placement and/or size of the inserted photo/flv files would be fantastic!